Give Your Oil Furnace Some TLC

Loss Prevention

That trusted furnace can start to show its age if you don’t give it some attention at least once a year, but especially as we head into winter.

Regular annual maintenance by a qualified professional will reduce the likelihood of problems that could result in damage to your home. So think about these simple steps:

  1. It might go without saying, but your furnace, including the oil tank and accessories, must meet the installation code for oil-burning equipment. The furnace must also be installed for the intended heating use according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Many people don’t think about it, but oil furnaces must have a suitable fuel oil filter or strainer assembly. And, it must be located inside the building that houses your furnace.
  3. No drips on the floor rule: that means your furnace oil tank should have a tray underneath the entire oil storage system, not just the filter. These trays have a liner that is impermeable and are recommended by professional installers

Keep it running clean

The oil filter cartridge should be changed during oil heating equipment annual cleaning, service, and tune-up. It is unlikely that you would have to change oil filter cartridges more often.

If you want to make sure that your furnace keeps humming along for the cold days ahead, call in a certified expert to check it out. Your safety might depend on it.

As well, talk to your Broker about having one of our Risk Assessment Specialists visit to identify other hazards to your family’s safety and prevent damage or potential loss to your home.