Give Your Oil Furnace Some TLC

Loss Prevention

That trusted furnace can start to show its age if you don’t give it some attention at least once a year, but especially as we head into winter. Regular annual maintenance by a qualified professional will reduce the likelihood of problems that could result in damage to your home. So think about these simple steps:… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

You’re in business because you are following your passion.  You don’t want to spend time worrying about the risks faced by the operation of your business—that’s why you have insurance. To ensure peace of mind, you’ll need to consider Commercial Property coverage and Commercial Liability coverage. Commercial Property coverage will protect your business’ physical assets,… Read more »

Home Insurance: Protecting What You Value Most

Home Insurance

If you own a dwelling, we can cover it–your personal property (contents), any detached private structures (such as a garage), as well as premises liability & personal liability anywhere in the world. If you rent an apartment, we can cover your personal property and personal & premises liability. If you own a dwelling that is… Read more »

What’s in a Standard Auto Insurance Policy?

Auto Insurance

If you own a vehicle in Ontario, it is the law to purchase — at the very least – automobile insurance coverage with these fundamentals. Third-Party Liability Coverage This protects you if someone else is killed or injured, or their property is damaged. It will pay for claims as a result of lawsuits against you… Read more »