Protecting Your Farm

Agribusiness Insurance

Having more than a century of working with farmers under our belt gives us precise insight into how farming is constantly changing.

Grenville Mutual provides world-class coverages as individualized as your own farm business.  Together with your Broker, we will put together a plan for the protection of your livelihood that is unique to you and your operation.

We insure all aspects of your operation from your farm outbuildings to livestock, machinery, produce and even the income that would be lost or reduced if you had a large loss on your farm.

Our comprehensive farm liability protects you and your operation against unintentional accidents that can happen in the business of farming that may cause property damage or bodily injury to another person.  Our pollution liability insurance provides coverage to clean up damage caused by pollution.

Along with our packages for dairy and beef operations, other specialized coverages include cash crop, dairy goat and equine operations, as well as alternative energy systems including solar, wind and biogas generators.

For years, we’ve worked alongside a group of highly experienced Brokers to bring our products to you.  As well, we have real-life agricultural knowledge in our Underwriting and Risk Assessment departments.  Teaming up with a Grenville Mutual Broker gives you access to the best protection available in today’s market.

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