Safeguarding What’s Most Important to You

How We Help, Loss Prevention

You’re a smart home owner or business person. You do everything you can to make sure you are properly protected. That’s why you have insurance: to protect you in case of a loss.

But how do you minimize the chance of a loss in the first place? The answer – by reviewing your home or business on a regular basis to see if anything has changed that could become a risk.

Did you know? 

There are some things in your dwelling or building that you should check regularly.  If you make changes, you should contact your Broker to let them know.

  • Electrical systems—damaged, deteriorated or temporary wiring, improper connections, over fusing
  • Sump pumps, plumbing systems
  • Fuel tanks (oil, gas, diesel, propane)
  • Pools, stairways and handrails,
  • Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Solid fuel heating systems (in other words, wood, coal, wood pellets, wood chips and  grain)

Grenville Mutual’s Risk Assessment department does periodic inspections and other reviews to decrease your risk of loss up front, or to reduce the disruption in your life or business if a loss occurs.

Knowing that our team is available to help shield you from possible risks to your family, property or business provides you with added security and peace of mind.  From tips on water damage and fire prevention to using thermal imaging to detect hot spots in your wiring, we will help you rest easier knowing you have done all you can to reduce the risk of a loss.

By emphasizing the prevention of injuries and property damage, we can work together to help you maintain fair and stable premiums.

Talk to one of our Brokers about how one of our Risk Assessment Specialists can help identify hazards and prevent potential losses.

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