Agribusiness Insurance

What kind of farming do you do?

Every farm is different. So naturally each farm has different requirements for insurance protection.

You want a company that offers lots of options to meet the specific needs of your particular farm operation.  Grenville Mutual is that company.

Common Sense Tips to Prevent Injuries on the Farm

Agribusiness Insurance, Loss Prevention

Agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries. About three-quarters of agricultural deaths reported annually in Canada are equipment-related, with the top three most common sources of injury being rollovers, run-overs and entanglements. During harvest, countless hours will be spent in combines, tractors, trucks, mowers and other equipment by farmers and workers who will be using… Read more »

Protecting Your Farm

Agribusiness Insurance
Having more than a century of working with farmers under our belt gives us precise insight into how farming is constantly changing. Grenville Mutual provides world-class coverages as individualized as your own farm business.  Together with your Broker, we will put together a plan for the protection of your livelihood that is unique to you... Read more »

Protecting Your Hobby Farm

Agribusiness Insurance
We have several offerings for owners of hobby farms. Our Agribusiness Homestead Packages are ideal for operations with up to 75 acres of land, up to 10 animals and earning a gross farm income of less than $10,000. Specialized packages meet your needs and include coverage for your home as well as your farm property. ... Read more »