Loss Prevention

The first step to safeguarding the important things in life is to eliminate the factors that put your family and business at risk. Loss can be minimized by taking some simple measures to assess if your home or business has vulnerabilities that may be the cause of claim in the future. We have the experts with knowledge and the tools to help you identify those hazards, and let you breathe easier knowing your company has you covered.

Mould In Your Home

Loss Prevention

JUST THE FACTS Mould can grow on almost any material, including wood, paper, drywall, carpet and food. The spores released by growing mould can be found virtually everywhere, both indoors and out. Some forms of mould grow faster than others and breathing in the spores of some moulds can be more dangerous to your health… Read more »

Preparing Yourself for an Emergency

Home Insurance, Loss Prevention

Think ahead The key to being able to manage through a sudden event that affects the safety of your family or your home is to anticipate as much as you can before an emergency strikes. When faced with a crisis, it’s hard to think straight. and some advanced planning reduces the need to problem-solve under pressure…. Read more »

Emergency Planning for Your Farm

Farm Insurance, Loss Prevention

Be Prepared When you are faced with an emergency, it’s hard to think straight. The key is to put a plan in place to reduce the need to problem-solve under pressure.  On your farm Write a plan that details what must be done when certain types of incidents arise. This plan should be reviewed regularly… Read more »

Give Your Oil Furnace Some TLC

Loss Prevention

That trusted furnace can start to show its age if you don’t give it some attention at least once a year, but especially as we head into winter. Regular annual maintenance by a qualified professional will reduce the likelihood of problems that could result in damage to your home. So think about these simple steps:… Read more »