The Grenville Mutual Complaint Resolution Experience

What you can expect from us

As a Policyholder of our Mutual Company, should you have a complaint, we want to hear from you.

One of our core values is the importance of truly “hearing” our Policyholders, so it just makes sense for us to respond to your concerns promptly, accurately and with the utmost professionalism, courtesy and empathy. We will provide you, as our policyholder with a clear method of communicating your concern, and will make our best effort to resolve your issue. All complaints and personal information collected, whether written or oral, will be handled in a timely and confidential manner.

Grenville is different. We’re people-driven, not profit-driven and we’re wholly committed to Eastern Ontario. That means our investments are right here in the community, helping the people we do business with. So if you have something to say to us, then we want to make sure we act accordingly.
After all, this is also a great opportunity for us to improve how we provide our services and products.
So if you have a complaint about any aspect of your dealings your Mutual Company, please take full advantage of our Complaint Resolution Protocol.

We would like to share with you what our complaint resolution experience is with Grenville Mutual;

First Step: we need to know about your concern

For prompt and effective resolution of your concern, please contact your Broker first. Often times they are best able to resolve any misunderstandings or disputes between you and Grenville Mutual.

Second Step: Escalate your concern

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the first step; you should contact Grenville Mutual directly. You will be immediately directed to the appropriate person who has the authority to take appropriate action. This can be as simple as resolving the issue with the staff person you are presently dealing with, or asking to speak with the senior person in a specific area of Grenville Mutual. We will ensure that you are able to speak with the right person.

Third Step: Contact our Ombudsman Office

In the rare occurrence that you have gone through the first two steps, and you feel that this still leaves the issue unresolved, you may request additional consideration of your concern in writing to our Ombuds Office. Please note the Ombuds Office will only review concerns that have gone through the appropriate steps above so you will want to indicate who you have already spoken with.

Our Ombuds office has the following specific responsibilities; to provide oversight of the entire complaint handling process, to ensure your complaint is handled properly, and that if your complaint cannot be resolved, that you receive in writing, a full explanation outlining the company’s final position.

When you write to us, please share your name, address, and policy number; a phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours, sufficient detail of your dispute and what you feel is an equitable outcome.

Our Ombuds office will acknowledge your complaint within 3 days, conduct a full and detailed investigation. After our Ombuds Office’s review, you will receive a written response, except in the case where a simple concern can be cleared up over the phone. Most investigations are completed within 30 business days of receiving your complaint and all supporting documentation. If this deadline cannot be met, you will be contacted as to why extra time is required and when you can expect a response.

The written response from our Ombuds Office is considered the company’s final position. Unless you present any new and relevant information that was not previously reviewed, your concern will not be reopened.

The Mutual Difference

There will be times when the situation may be referred to the Executive Committee of our Board of Directors. All Grenville Mutual directors are also Policyholders elected by Policyholders. This is your guarantee that Grenville Mutual is committed to the best interests of all Policyholders, and to our community. They can often review issues with a fresh outlook and productively seek an equitable solution.

Write to us at:
Grenville Mutual insurance Company
380 Colonnade Drive
Kemptville Ontario
K0G 1J0

If you feel that your issue is still not satisfied

If we have not been able to resolve your concerns to your satisfaction, and you wish to pursue the matter further, you may contact the Financial Service Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). They can be reached at:

25 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 100
Toronto ON M2N 626
Toll Free: 1-800-668-0128

FRSA Complaint form (IF-018)

Note: You must follow Grenville Mutual’s Complaint Resolution Process before FSRA will become involved.