Strength in Mutuals

Grenville Mutual Insurance is located in the heart of Eastern Ontario in the town of Kemptville – a community just south of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. Incorporated in 1892, we are one of the oldest mutual companies in Canada. Our history has a resilient agricultural base and a proud rural heritage, which speaks strongly to the community-based values that ground the company’s actions and decisions to this day. Today, Grenville Mutual Insurance operates on the same foundation of integrity first, loyalty, objectivity, competence, responsibility and flexibility.

Driven to be recognized as the standard of excellence for mutual insurance in Canada, we operate on a not-for-profit basis, unlike stock companies that provide shareholders with dividends from profits. This enables the company to provide leading-edge, innovative insurance products to its policyholders to keep pace with their changing life and business needs.

Grenville Mutual is backed by one of the world’s most financially secure insurance networks, Ontario’s Mutual Insurance Companies — providing strength, stability and peace of mind for you.