Our Roots

Grenville Mutual’s drive for excellence

As a mutual insurance company, we understand our customers’ unique way of life, as well as their budget. We also believe in doing the right thing over the easy thing. If ever a company was wired to go beyond what our customers expect, it’s ours.

For more than 120 years, Grenville Mutual Insurance Company has been sheltering families and their businesses throughout Eastern Ontario by way of a trusted and like-minded group of Brokers and exclusive-agent partnerships.

This collaborative approach stems from our roots, and it is something the Grenville staff and Directors are proud to say continues to be embedded in the way we do business today. Grenville Mutual has become one of the most financially secure and trusted mutual companies in the country.

Experiences from our past help set the course for our future


Through the decades Grenville Mutual launched and cultivated a strong, visionary business by intentionally working with its customers and municipal leaders. A strong vision has been at the core of Grenville Mutual since its beginnings. It is the focus that has given the company strength in adverse times, and the drive to excel always. In fact, Grenville has been innovating for more than a century. And, we’re just getting started.

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