Grenville Mutual partners with exclusive agents and brokers to distribute our products.

Our partners work for you but are paid by us.

We pay industry standard commission rates that vary by product line:

  • Automobile  Insurance: 12.50%
  • Personal Property & Liability: 20%
  • Commercial Property & Liability: 20%
  • AgriBusiness Property & Liability: 20%

Other compensation:

Profit sharing

Grenville Mutual offers a Contingent Profit Commission program. This commission is based on the profitability of our partners, entire book of business and not individual policies. 

Subject to approval from our Board of Directors, Grenville Mutual Insurance, many enter into financing arrangements with one of our Partners to support expansion or succession of their business.  These arrangements are infrequent and subject to an interest rate comparable to those offered by a Financial Institution.