Grenville Mutual Insurance Company and its Board of Directors are committed to preserving high standards of governance that best serve the interests of our members and other stakeholders. We comply with all regulatory standards and incorporate best practices suitable to our organization.

Our Board makes major strategic decisions and delegates implementation to the leadership team of Grenville Mutual, which oversees day‐to‐day business.

The Company operates under a rigorous corporate governance framework that is appropriate to the nature, scale, structure and complexity of our business. This framework consists of bylaws, policy, standards, guidelines, and procedures that – taken together – define the oversight mechanisms used for directing and overseeing management and the means by which the Board and senior management are held accountable for their actions.

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Grenville Mutual’s corporate governance framework is supported by:
  • Corporate By-laws concerning the qualifications, nomination, election and tenure of directors.
  • Governance standards summarizing the composition and responsibilities of the Board and its directors.
  • A board mandate defining specific duties of the Board.
  • Charters defining the purpose, responsibilities and specific duties of the executive committee, audit committee and conduct review committee.
  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
  • Guidelines for Board and director qualifications, roles and responsibilities.
  • Conflict of interest guidelines that guide matters coming before the board or a committee.
  • Standards and procedures for related third-party transactions.