Know Before You Tow!

Auto Insurance

Don`t let the stress of a roadside breakdown get the better of you.

Keep these valuable pointers in mind “before” your vehicle is towed!

Stay calm. Do not allow a tow truck to hook up your vehicle without receiving written documentation of the cost of the tow and where the vehicle will be towed.

Stay in charge. Authorize your vehicle to be towed to your home if possible or alternatively, to a repair shop and “not” to a tow yard. If your vehicle must be sent to the tow yard, the operator must declare how much the tow company will charge per day for storage of the vehicle.

Call at the scene. Contact your insurance company or Broker when you are at the scene.

Use your tow coverage first. Always use your vehicle roadside assistance coverage or CAA tow coverage when possible.

Careful what you sign. Do not sign anything from a tow company other than a towing authorization. Some insurance          companies may send out a tow company once they are advised, so be prepared to wait until the specific tow that was sent for you arrives.

Want to be sure? Before you get stranded, talk to your Broker about how your auto coverage can be affected by a tow            situation. And, remember to keep your Broker up to date on any changes you make to your vehicle`s drivers or driving practises.