When Someone Gets Hurt on Your Property

Claims, How We Help

A knock comes on the door of your house.  Someone has just fallen on your steps and is hurt.

What do you do now?  When this happens, you can feel uncomfortable, vulnerable and you might make decisions that are not in your best interests.

Get immediate medical attention, if required.

Document— anything you can about the circumstances surrounding the injury. Take photographs of where the injury occurred so you can show the condition of the property at the time it happened.

Photograph— the injury, if possible.

Take note— of anyone who might have seen it happen. Get their names, addresses and phone numbers so that we can follow up with them if necessary.

Don’t admit fault, make any payments or assume any obligations except for emergency first-aid to the person who is injured.

Call your Broker to report the claim – to assist you as quickly as possible. If you cannot reach your Broker call our after-hours claims service (1.800.267.4400).

Alleviating your stress by taking care of things is our main goal, so you can get back to normal life.